Old, old personal web site

I was talking to a friend about posting to the web – and I mentioned that I’d had a personal website since about 1993. The challenge was to see if it was still hosted. Google is my friend. I found one of my old websites – and it’s not been touched in over nine years. […]

Linux init scripts

I read a nice article on Novel Cool Solutions today. Specifically about creating init scripts on Linux. http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/15380.html Nicely put together; and actually pretty useful.

ZLM 7 mirror – zlmmirror – how to

Here are some examples of ZLM 7 ZLMmirror configurations – fresh from cvs. There are several key changes to mirroring from ZENworks 6.x Linux Management or Red Carpet Enterprise: – a single configuration file for all mirror services – configuration file is now an XML document rather than a conf file Examples will be given […]

Bleak portrait photos

I did an interview for a trade magazine a week or so ago – not an uncommon occurance; this week they are going to press and they called Rod, our PR guy, and asked for a photo to run with the article. Hmm. I was at Alan’s place tonight – and he’s a dab hand […]


Since leaving for Europe in mid-May, being ill, then coming back to the US I’ve read a lot of books. Here’s the summary: Savage Summit – Jennifer Jordan Atrocity Exhibition – J G Ballard The Bomb – G J DeGroot Teach Your Baby to Read – Glenn and Janet Doman I re-read: Espedair Street – […]

New Hampshire

I am back in Lebanon, NH for a day or so – and what a difference from the previous visits. The first few visits here were during the depths of winter – very cold and with a higher humidity than Utah it was bone chilling. Today it is sunny, warm and about 30’C/90’F. This part […]


I found another nice new tool for blogging – especially when I am off-line. Drivel is a really cool client for working with your blog – it supports the online hosted stuff like blogger as well as self-hosted sites like MovableType or WordPress. I installed Drivel from the Fedora Core 3 RPM (runs just perfectly […]

Why WordPress

I posted a few months ago on why I used Blogger. The main reason for not self-hosting was: Without starting the whole religious war – yes there are very very strong open source blog frameworks out there; put it simply I’m just too lazy (or too busy) to get the thing deployed, tweaked, secured and […]