Tut Tut Laurence!

Laurence purchased a nearly authentic (ahem) Tumi bag in China. Same market that we got the delightful Tag Heuer watches. We were walking through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris – and noticed this huge poster.

It’s Thursday – it must be Copenhagen

Today I am in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day – and we are working with almost fifty regional partners. We are spending the day at the incredible Dansk Design Center – right in the middle of Copenhagen, opposite the Tivoli park.


Argh. I’m trying to get back from Edinburgh to meet up with Grania, Aoife and Hugo for a few days off. It seems like Edinburgh airport doesn’t like me – I was almost stuck here last year. First I arrived at the airport – just checked in – and there was a fire alarm. Everyone […]

Off to Edinburgh

A day in Edinburgh – fly up, see customers, see a potential partner, fly back. Another early start – but it’s good to not be away another night.

On engineering, PM and compromise

Someone will get upset at this… Ah well. Here’s my collection of stuff for an email I’m writing later. Just examples of ‘crap and bloated’. First – one of my favourite examples from last year; Moishe Lettvin on the Vista Shutdown button: The whole blog post was mentioned on Joel on Software (a great read; even for […]


Somewhere along the way FreeMind got updated to 0.9 beta 9. I love FreeMind. Version 0.8 has been around for around 18 months now.


Well – Blair is off; would have been better if he’d called a snap election to allow people to choose the next PM..

Forcing zman to English

ZENworks Configuration Management is currently in beta – one of the new pieces of the product is the ability to control and configure the client and the server environment wholly from the command line. By default the command line tool – zman – picks up the server locale. In some cases it is useful to […]

ThinkPad T60p – Vista, AD and drivers

New laptop arrived – ThinkPad T60p, 3GB RAM, dual core processor, dual 100GB SATA drives. Couple of gripes – there is still no support for 4GB RAM in the ThinkPad – needs a BIOS update and it’s been months. Second problem is that something in the Lenovo updater causes the whole security and connectivity to […]

Novell oneNet ads (satire)

l made sure I flagged this as satire. This is from November 2000 when Novell was in the middle of the One Net rebranding. I can’t find the originals on novell.com – here’s one I found on the web: