NetWare uptime

It may not be fashionable to talk about tradtional NetWare anymore – but there is a vast installed base that is running this reliable NOS.

Novell Cool Solutions has been running a competition to showcase server that have been up for years.

Here is the latest round.

My favourite is this NetWare 3 server – it’s been running for nine years:

NetWare Server

2 Replies to “NetWare uptime”

  1. Notice there’s no NetWare 6.5 servers on the list ;-). I guess, though, none of them would have more than a year or two of uptime anyway, even if that were possible.

  2. Too true – NetWare servers are doing more than ever.

    I still know of a lot of NetWare 4.11 SFT III pairs running back in the UK. I installed these eight years ago – and the last time they were patched and rebooted (MS and IO engines!) was in mid 1999 for Y2K readiness.

    These boxes run file, print and a BTREIVE database and never go down.

    Modern NetWare 6.5 boxes run a lot of other functions – Java, ZENworks, GroupWise, portal – you name it. There are more moving parts – and more reboots for updates.

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