Recycle Utah

We joined Recycle Utah a month or so ago – supporting recycling locally.

We’ve now started composting again (a three year gap since we were in England), seperating recyclable glass and generally trying to cut down on the general trash we throw out.

I also signed up for the Utah Power green energy program – to power our web server farm.

Every little helps.

There was a thought provoking article in the Salt Lake Tribune today about this.

2 Replies to “Recycle Utah”

  1. Ok, I’m not stalking you (or whatever the blog equivent is)

    Have you seen this

    It’s a really good way of getting rid of stuff that is useful for someone but not you. As I’m moving house (and also country) it’s really helpful way of getting rid of all the stuff we can’t move.

  2. I just saw Al Gore speak last night.

    It was a pretty scary speech, even if you’re one of those crazy people who might only believe a quarter of it.

    Glad you’re helping. I’m thinking about some photovoltaics myself.

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