Software updates – when it needs to work

ZENworks and other systems management tools do a great job of managing software and updates on corporate machines. Have you ever stopped to think about updating software in the most hostile of environments?

I mean the typical home computer. Crappy bandwidth, no management – and who knows what has been installed before. Also we can guess what state patching and anti-virus are in.

It’s tax return time – and I’m installing and updating TurboTax on Grania’s machine (she’s the one who does the money). TurboTax installed; updated itself, patched itself, added modules – without a hitch.

That’s a record I think enterprise software management should look to equal or better.

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  1. But is that realistic, More specifically, in a ZEN environment. I am not for sure if this is an limitation of ZEN, but of the software and the administrators that are deploying applications with ZENWorks.

    Now, maybe ZEN can help administrators be aware of problems when deploying software.

  2. Hi Jared / Martin,

    Making it so that the end users won’t even think about the complexity of managing their workstations is what we are all after
    For many of our Novell Customers, ZENworks plays a key part in their desktop and Server management. ZENworks however is just a tool and the ability to use the various tools available for Desktop and Server management are key to a successful implementation.

    Quite often people refer to a product when they’ve got problems but in many situations it isn’t the product but the way the product is used. With all the changes in the next generation ZENworks it will be an interesting challenge to see how we can get the ZENworks partners and customers educated on how to use the new product properly. Their ability to use the new generation ZENworks will have a huge impact on it’s success. If we succeed in building that knowledge within the community I’m sure that our new generation ZENworks will be a huge success, if we don’t, we will see ……..


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