Novell oneNet ads (satire)

l made sure I flagged this as satire.

This is from November 2000 when Novell was in the middle of the One Net rebranding.

Toast - oneNet

I can’t find the originals on – here’s one I found on the web:

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  1. When I wrote this article in AppNotes in 2001, I had the following line in it at the end of the “Platform Independence” section:

    “(This is where the Novell marketing people would insert a sentence about it all being “One Net” and fish would be swimming, and fireflies flitting.)”

    They’ve apparently taken it out of the HTML version of the article, although I can assure you it was in the PDF, and the printed copy I just pulled off my bookshelf.

    The editor actually wanted to put it in an offset text box as an important point, apparently not seeing the sarcasm. I assured him it was best as a parenthetical remark.

  2. As I recall, this was taken seriously in some circles. Computer Weekly’s “mole” thought Novell had gone insane with Zen for toasters and its policy based bread management strategy.

    May I suggest “Breadualisation” as the next step whereby each slice of bread from an entire loaf can now be managed individually. Indeed, one loaf contains many virtual “slices” which can be individually toasted as required. Bread based productivity will improve yet still facilitating “per slice” policies.

    It’s a revolution in the field of yeast/flour for sure.

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