“So long, and Thanks for All the Fish”


After eight years of ups, downs and truly unique Novell moments I have decided to leave Novell. My last day will be 7th March.

It’s been a long journey since 1999 and ZENworks for Desktops 3. My list of close friends, mentors and truly remarkable people is long.

My thanks to you all; I wish you all the very best.

10 Replies to ““So long, and Thanks for All the Fish””

  1. Martin,

    We know the BrainShare loo’s get rather grotty, but isn’t this a bit extreme!

    Can I be one of the first to say thanks for all your support over the years. I still have a vivid memory of you and I carting a Compaq Proliant server on a trolley to do one of the first ZFD3.0 demos in Europe!

    All the best,

  2. As someone who has watched this blog and been in some of Martin’s presentations, this comes as a bit of surprise. Nonetheless, best of luck in your next career.

    Personally, I will never forget some of the various give-and-takes that took place during the TTP Conferences that Martin attended/presented at. I recall one year where you got everyone riled up.

  3. “This must be Thursday, I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

    Good luck with whatever’s coming next… you will be a loss to Novell.


  4. So, of course, we’re all curious where you’re off to next.

    Thanks for all your help with ZENworks over the last few years.


  5. It really is sad to see your leadership, expertise and willingness to get involved leaving Novell, but I imagine that you’re looking ahead to something exciting for you and I look forward to seeing updates once you’ve handled your move and take up your next challenge!

  6. Hey Martin,

    What a huge loss for Novell… this does come as a huge surprise to me. Thanks for all your help over the last few years with ZENworks!

    All the best for the future.


  7. Martin,
    I will miss pestering you during BS 🙁

    I hope you still have some GOOD memories from the time when I run into you… I mainly liked the last BS in Barcelona..

    Looking forward to see you sometime, somewhere again and all the best for your new life.


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