“Normal” weekends

I’ve not been looking at the beta builds of Rawhide this weekend. I don’t think I will.

Instead – listening to music and playing with the kids.

I bought some CDs at HMV at Heathrow:

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures – Collector’s Edition
Joy Division – Still  – Collector’s Edition
Los Campesinos! – Hold on now, Youngsters

Also listening to Mark Radcliffe via the BBC iPlayer. Spot of old stuff (The Primatives, Stereolab) and new (Ting Tings, Vampire Weekend).

[Edit: I also purchased Control on DVD]

Off out for lunch later.

3 Replies to ““Normal” weekends”

  1. Ooh… Mark Radcliffe in the evenings on BBC Radio 2.

    We listen to that all the time.

    Have you seen ‘Control’ yet? It’s out on DVD here in England now.

  2. Nice… you’ll enjoy that.

    Although the home-cinema might be OTT for the retro-B&W look of the film. At least it’s the proper version though, no ‘gor blimey guvna’ or ‘you stupid sausage brain’ comments in that one :o)

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