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rce-init switches

rce-init is in /usr/sbin

Usage: /usr/sbin/rce-init [-c] [-d] [-f [-r]] [-h] [-U -P -R ]

-c only reinstall configuration files
-d print debugging info
-f force server initialization
-r remove package repository
-h print this message
-U administrator username/email
-P administrator password
-R administrator real name

Always use -d to show status!

Initial configuration:

./rce-init -U admin -P password -R “realname” -d ./rce-init -U ezs -P novell -R “Evil ZEN Scientist” -d

Resetting the server

./rce-init -f -d

rce-init checks the existance of /etc/ximian/rcserver/6.6-configured; if you have problems running rce-init -f delete this file

responses need ‘yes’ rather than ‘y’