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I was hunting around for some information on Mono dependancies when I found this article by Kevin Shockey:

Installing Mono on SuSE Linux with Red Carpet

Interesting – but one subtle flaw. The ZLM client components – also known as Red Carpet – are available online and they are open source – source hosted at

I mailed Kevin:


I’ve just read your article from the end of last year – – and I thought it was particularly interesting.

One thing to note – did you know that the ZENworks Linux Management client components – also known as Red Carpet – are 100% open source and available without downloading ZENworks Linux Management?

We have the RPMs for many platforms at – certainly fast and easy.

Also we have the public Red Carpet server which provides community updates – including those for Mono.

Finally we have another open source project – Open Carpet – which lets developers host their updates to be consumed by the Red Carpet/ZLM client components –

Let me know if I can be of any further help – and please feel free to reference this data in the future.



Let’s see if this gets a response. I’m keen to evangelise the benefits of OpenCarpet for developers and hacker teams.