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I’ve been hunting around for examples of teams blogging on specific areas of specialty. Most pointedly my search has been for online examples of the nebulous area – “Thought Leadership”

Several CxO blogs promoting this – including Debbie Weil on CEO Thought Leadership:

First, blogging is writing. That’s all it is. Good blogging is good writing. It is not copywriting. That is, writing-for-hire whose purpose is to sell someone else’s products or services. So for you, Bob, a blog might serve as an outlet for itchy fingers to sound off on topics / issues / bugaboos that come up in the course of your copywriting assignments. Do you have that urge? If you do, that’s a raison d’etre for your blog. If you don’t, well… I understand.

I like the comment on having an urge to express. On my personal blog I write more about how I came back to blogging

I also liked this from James McGovern – an IT Enterprise Architect blog:

The difference between generally available opinions and thought leadership are the difference between night and day. Opinions tend to be emotional, reactional and narrowly focused. Thought leadership on the other hand serves to introduce ideas and concepts to individuals using factual, open-minded, disciplined approaches.

Especially in the area of technology this seems like a great approach to communication. It suggests a divergence from the traditional marketing-led approach to blogging and more of an unbiased (is that the word I’m meaning?) discussion of the technologies and issues at hand.

Open-minded, Passionate and Honest.

Summed up by this:

Employees will be blogging in their off hours if it’s fun for them. Edwin K., the primary author of the Collaxa blog, actually used the words “fun” in describing his 2 and 1/2 years thus far of evangelizing the business process management and BPEL space. Fun, passion, challenge, enthusiasm: It’s the only way the commitment will be maintained.