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I’m in Toronto for LinuxWorld – and I’m looking at more relevant articles on blogging in a semi-closed corporate world. Next thing I find a very apt summary of this at Claire’s Alternate Version of Reality. Seems like Sun has a pretty pragmatic and open policy on employee blogging.

So in the words of Claire Giordano – who worked on the OpenSolaris project:

This conversation made me wonder – if you work for a company that doesn’t yet encourage employee blogging, and you’re wondering about whether you should influence your company to start blogging, where do you go from there? How do you go from wondering about whether to encourage blogging to articulating the benefits to the business to assessing cultural compatibility to persuading key influencers – and finally, to working the logistics?

Next thing I noticed was that all of the seminal blogging and disruptive marketing sources are noted – the Cluetrain Manifesto; as well as Tim Brays more recent posts on blogging.

The post is worth a read – it is certainly informative about the approach that Sun takes to blogging and the benefits they get from it.

Even Robert Scoble gets a mention..