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I’ve just upgraded to the latest Novell internal build of GroupWise Sequoia client on NLD – and it’s much improved.

Lots of small things in the Linux client have been fixed – and it seems a lot more responsive and less ‘crashy’ 🙂

Even small things like the startup parameters are now respected and work just great.

I moved my GroupWise caching mailbox across from Windows about six months ago – and went totally cold-turkey with Novell Linux Desktop. GroupWise was the one application that was making me wait. I was running a (ssssshhhhhh) unofficial build of the GroupWise Sequoia client; but now the 25 May 05 build is supported by Novells IS&T team I’m happier.

One tip I have is using ext3 rather than reiserfs as a production filesystem. I found that GroupWise caching mailboxes and reiserfs just don’t play well together.

I now use Novell Linux Desktop exclusively for my production laptop. I found that the IBM ThinkPad seems a lot more Linux friendly than my Dell Latitude.

So I’ve done it – I switched from Windows. Have you?