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(More catchup from last week – slightly delayed by events at the weekend)

I had to travel between Zuerich and Stuttgart on Thursday evening with John Mahon. We decided the best way to travel would be by train – so we took the DB ICE between the two cities – very relaxing, comfortable and a fraction of the cost of flying.

On the way just after we crossed the border between Switzerland and Germany we saw some old abandoned locomotives – late epoch steam and 60’s East German Diesel. Very eery – they were not preserved, but also weren’t in the decayed scrap stage either.

(Not my photo – but this is one of the locos we saw)

Now neither one of us would admit to being ‘an enthusiast’ 🙂 but I did note they were a lot of ex-DRG Class 52 sitting there rusting away. Google and some diligence on mapquest found me the answer.

It looks like this is a private collection at the Tuttlingen Railway Museum – and looking at the list there is a lot of rusting iron sitting on those sidings.

The Class 52 was built as a wartime workhorse – these engines are sixty years old – and most probably worked until the late 1960s across Eastern Germany.

Incredible to see these just sitting on sidings at the side of the main railway. It certainly made for an interesting conversation on the journey.