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I was talking to a friend about posting to the web – and I mentioned that I’d had a personal website since about 1993. The challenge was to see if it was still hosted.

Google is my friend. I found one of my old websites – and it’s not been touched in over nine years. I’m wgetting it now to host at home. (Unlikely it’s going to go away soon – it’s been static for nine years!)

Way back in the distant past (1990) I had access to the ‘internet’ from a VMS host at university; telnet, VMSmail, lynx – all good stuff.

Just after – around 1991 – I also got a CompuServe account – mainly for access to the Novell technical forums and patches.

When I could afford a ‘better’ workstation (386dx33, 32MB RAM, 40MB HDD, Windows 3.11!) in around 1993 I finally moved to a ‘real’ dialup PPP account using Almac in Scotland. That’s when I first had personal webspace. A whole couple of meg online.

Finally I moved to UUNet/Pipex and used that service for around five years.

Now I host at home with a dedicated line and fixed IP.

It’s incredible how times have changed.