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I will be speaking with the Novell TTP group next week on ZENworks and systems management.

“Novell TTP?” you ask.. Well – it’s not exactly secret, but you won’t find it listed on

Here’s the official blurb:

The Novell Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) is an international group of colleges and universities that have made a substantial commitment to campus IT implementations using Novell technology. TTP was started in the early 1980’s with 14 universities whose goal was to share their networking experiences in order to leverage the knowledge of their diverse campus computing environments. The group has now grown to be a more comprehensive group of loyal Novell higher education customers that not only share information with each other, but with the software developers and business units at Novell. Perhaps no other group has more influence on software development at Novell than the TTP members.

Basically it’s my chance to listen to a few dozen senior admins and their ideas, comments, complaints, wishes .. and even praise.

Not a lot I can add about content – it’s all under Non Disclosure – but I will be talking about cross-platform systems management, ZENworks 7, our roadmap and some of the future trends.