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Entirely unrelated to my previous post on the TSA – I decided that the time had come to replace my travelling bags with something newer.

I’ve been travelling and working with a soft leather briefcase since I started consulting – almost ten years ago. I’ve also used a variety of overnight bags, suit carriers, Novell BrainShare bags and the like over time.

With my carry on pretty much standard now (laptop, power, books, iPod, headphones, pencil, notepad) and hopefully I can travel a lot lighter – I wanted to reduce my dependence to really a single, carry on size bag.

I looked at all of the traditional offerings (yuk – American Tourister carry on – guaranteed to get lost in the melee)

I finally decided on the Victorinox Trek Pack Plus – one flight so far – and it’s just great.

I’ll be taking this to London and Barcelona next week – so I’ll post an update on how it behaves with 10 days of gear and a couple of laptops.