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I finally spent some time (and parted with the hard earned) and got some new music:

Camera Obscura – Biggest Bluest Hifi
Camera Obscura – Underachievers Please Try Harder

I first heard this band on the John Peel 65th Birthday Party – it’s a lot like early Belle and Sebastian; mellow lyrics and guitar. Best served with a nice bottle of red.

Decemberists – Picaresque

This band is on tour this fall – nearest gig to SLC is in Boise, ID. Huh? Go figure. SLC truly is a live music backwater – my proof points are here and here.

Final hit was a couple of CDs from DJ Tiësto – a hot tip from Mark Schouls.

DJ Tiësto – In My Memory
DJ Tiësto – Parade of the Athletes

Nice – a couple of hours of European electronic music. Good for the drive into work.