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I blogged a few days ago on Windows Live and the Web 2.0 trend.

Here is the link

Here is part of the memo:

Ten years ago this December, I wrote a memo entitled The Internet Tidal Wave which described how the internet was going to forever change the landscape of computing.

And more:

This next generation of the internet is being shaped by its “grassroots” adoption and popularization model, and the cost-effective “seamless experiences” delivered through the intentional fusion of services, software and sometimes hardware. We must reflect upon what and for whom we are building, how best to deliver new functionality given the internet services model, what kind of a platform in this new context might enable partners to build great profitable businesses, and how our applications might be reshaped to create service-enabled experiences uniquely compelling to both users and businesses alike.

Much like the call to action from 1995 – where Gates urged Microsoft to adopt internet capabilities in every aspect of their products – this sounds like a new call to drive and deliver next-generation software.

Will Microsoft ‘get it’ in time? Or is Google (or Yahoo, or anyone of a dozen small players) the one to watch?