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There has been a lot of discussion recently about Novell dropping KDE in favour of Gnome on its corporate desktop offering Novell Linux Desktop.

[Note – I really don’t think this matters on a server – clean up your servers; reduce the bloat; reduce the risk – remove X and a desktop from your servers 🙂 Believe me – ssh is your friend]

I’ve posted before on this – my personal opinion is that the real battle is not over KDE vs. Gnome. It’s about making a more productive, good looking, consistent desktop; one that you can “Just Use” (TM). It would be great to see components of KDE running nicely on Gnome, Gnome pieces running on KDE, common themes – can you see my paradise here?

This should not be a religious argument. There has been much work between the two communities – even as far back as the 1.0 versions (common menuing for example).

There have been some notable efforts in this space more recently. tries to drive interoperability for all GUI/WM environments on X – with some success; even more recently last month the Tango Project was launched to try and deliver a common user experience.

These are all good efforts. I believe Novell has supported several of these initiatives; as well as promoting choice within (over 50% of Novell employees are using NLD as their primary production OS).