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A quick turnaround from Novell Education – the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management training is live:

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration
Novell is pleased to announce the availability of ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration
(Course 3062 v1.0) to all customers worldwide.

Product Description
ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration (Course 3062 v1.0) explores many key management features in Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management. Ideal for NetWare administrators—even those without prior ZENworks experience—this course focuses on basic administrative tasks, including the installation and configuration of ZENworks 7 Desktop Management services on Novell Open Enterprise Server—Linux.

You will learn more about ZENworks policies, begin managing ZENworks objects in an eDirectory tree, perform application
management (including distribution and packaging) and use a variety of other ZENworks features such as personality migration, workstation imaging and asset management.

During this course, you will learn how to complete the following tasks:
• Install Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management
• Configure and implement ZENworks policies and policy packages
• Perform application- and workstation-management tasks
• Perform general administrative tasks
• Design a ZENworks 7 Desktop Management implementation based on company or institution requirements

Whether you’re a ZENworks expert or new to the benefits of desktop management, this course provides valuable instruction. The audience for ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration (Course 3062 v1.0) includes a diverse group of professionals:
• ZENworks system administrators, integrators and engineers
• Networking consultants
• Reseller and partner technical-support staff
• New ZENworks Customers