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I’m glad I created a new gmail account for selling those sofas.

Within a week I’ve been inundated with spam and scam emails.

Most have not been from craigslist – but from another online ad we put on KSL – a local media company.

I wonder how the average consumer copes with this? I am naturally skeptical and wary of anyone offering to buy a sofa, sight unseen. If they are from the other side of the US – or even the world – then it’s just got to be bogus. Add to that the deluge of spam and viruses – it’s just not safe to be doing this anymore.

I will say that craigslist does have a good policy of providing an anonymous email address – that helps to reduce the instances of inbound spam. The local KSL site does several pretty bad things by default – it includes your name, phone number and real email address. Not helpful.