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A great question from a friend in Norway:

# Roger Foss Says:
March 9th, 2006 at 12:57 pm

Please clarify something:

Blogs have traditionally been a little edgy; a place where employees deviate a little from the corporate line.

These cool blogs sound very corporate and official, though. They contrast to the blogs of, say, Miguel and Nat, where you barely see a Novell logo.

So if they are official blogs, how are they different from the newsletters, mailing lists and news groups that already exist?

Its a fair question, no? So we know what to expect.

I think the answer is that we’re just getting going. Most of the bloggers here are new to blogging – and in many cases are being somewhat conservative to see how ‘the powers that be’ react.

There are naturally differences between this Cool Blogs site and the personal blogs of Nat and Miguel (and others..)

We are trying to keep the focus on Novell technology, with blogs written by Novell technologists. We want to be edgy, sometimes irreverent, never irrelevant, occasionally funny and I hope soon a trusted source of information on the inner Novell.

Does this help answer your question? What else would readers like to see here?

Written at: Edinburgh, Scotland