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I have been working all week on a ZENworks lifecycle demo and session – part of this involves delivering a consistent Windows XP SP2 operating system to workstations, in an automated, hands-free manner. Certainly this toolkit has saved us days of time in building our demonstrations.
Part of the solution has seen us integrate the ENGL Imaging Toolkit into our demo; this allows the creation of a ‘universal image’ – it works well. In our demo we have a single 800MB Windows XP image that can be delivered to any type of hardware – Dell, IBM, HP, Lenovo, whitebox and even VMware.

The ENGL Imaging Toolkit has a great write-up in the current Novell Connection Magazine. Read it here.

[STOP PRESS – ENGL were awarded Novell EMEA Partner of the Year at BrainShare 2006 this week]

Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT