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I wrote last week about BrainShare 2006 – just one week to go!

A new session introduced a few years ago is the ‘Birds of a Feather forum‘. This differs from the usual technical track in that rather than a Novell or partner subject matter expert giving a one or two hour presentation and demonstration – you run the session and decide the content.

A Novell moderator acts as a host, keeps the peace – and generally facilitates the discussion. Also in the session are several Novell and partner subject matter experts. The rest is entirely unscripted, unrehearsed – and very useful.

There are five BrainShare Birds of a Feather sessions for 2006 that directly cater to ZENworks:

BOF145 FORUM: Novell ZENworks Imaging Techniques, Tricks and Other Magic  
BOF146 FORUM: Novell GroupWise 7 Upgrades Using Novell ZENworks 7  
BOF245 FORUM: Novell ZENworks Engagements – Lessons Learned  
BOF246 FORUM: Architecting and Scaling Your Novell ZENworks Solution  
BOF247 FORUM: Desktop Configuration, Application, and Release Management  

My advice? Get them on your BrainShare Scheduler – it’s now live – and get there early. These sessions are usually standing room only.

Written at: Provo, UT