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I wrote last week about ZENworks Server Management in the real world.

In that post I described how a deployment of ZENworks can deliver some rapid benefits – namely patching and updates for NetWare and its associated services.

I wanted to add some new information about a BrainShare session – TUT 351 – being run by Martin Irwin.
The session is titled “Upgrading NetWare to NetWare OES” – but part of the session will be how to upgrade and deploy eDirectory 8.8 using the ZENworks Server Management infrastructure.

From Martin:

We worked closing with the development team for eDirectory 8.8 to actually design into the IPS scripts a placeholder and APIs that allow for a ZSM software package (CPK) to edit and run NWCONFIG.NLM to upgrade your eDirectory 8.73 servers to eDirectory 8.8

So what can you do now?

In 30 minutes you can run a CPK that upgrades your NetWare 6.0 servers to Open Enterprise Server running on NetWare then in another 5 minutes you can run another CPK that upgrades the same server to eDirectory 8.8

The demo will also be available in the BrainShare Technology Lab – and also showcased at Meet the Experts.

Written at: Provo, UT