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One common question from customers and partners is “What is Novell’s support stance for running Novell products and solutions on VMware”

Written at: Salt Lake City, UT

Here is the official answer in the form of Novell Technical Information Document TID 10098095 – this is directly from Novell Support.

Novell Technical Services (NTS) will provide reasonable best effort troubleshooting support for Novell products in VMware configurations. This support includes both lab and production environments. NTS personnel will assist the customer in troubleshooting the problem and will work to identify any necessary configuration changes, a viable workaround, and/or initiate a defect report. Novell product defects will be handled using existing defect reporting procedures. When necessary, NTS will involve VMware using the TSANet multivendor support process.

Novell Technical Services has established this policy to ensure that Novell customers receive the best possible support when issues arise in environments that include Novell products in VMware configurations.

I’d be interested in your comments – and your experiences – about running Novell products on top of VMware server or Microsoft Virtual Server environments.

Written at: Salt Lake City, UT