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Germany has gone football mad. (That’s soccer for those that don’t understand the subleties of the game).

I’ve been in half a dozen cities this week – and everywhere is wall to wall World Cup merchandise and memorabilia. I got a nice world cup shirt in Trier today.

I was listening to BFBS during my drive today – and heard a truly dreadful, yet stunningly simple England world cup song. The Tonedef Allstars are soon to release a single “Who do you think you are kidding Juergen Klinnsmann’. You have to be English to understand the genius at work here. Listen here.

So many people have already blogged on this, it’s also been written up in all manner of media from The Sun to The Telegraph – it must be the ‘unofficial hit’ – just wait until England v Germany in the quarter finals; you’ll hear this on the terraces.

For record – here are the World Cup songs – from this year and prior years. New Order’s ‘World in Motion’ is still the one to beat. I can’t believe that Stan Boardman has “the Germans bombed our Chippie” as a song.