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Planet… there was Planet Novell.

Written at: Draper, UT

Apologies. I paraphrased and plagiarised.

A planet is “a flexible feed aggregator” – in other words a centralised, ephemeral collection of similar(ish) themed blog posts. A popular implementation is at Planet Planet!

Planet Novell was a pretty busy, reasonably well known site. It has been gone for a while.

Why mention it now?

One thing that was mentioned in the ‘Cool Blogs 1.5‘ project was aggregating Cool Blogs posts from the bloggers own blogs.

A logical extension of this is to resurrect the Novell Planet concept – and really combine all feeds from all Novell bloggers. Not Cool Blogs – where generally we tend to stick to blogging about Novell and our technology but everything from these bloggers – and more. That means posts from Nat, Miguel, Reverend Ted, Michael Meeks – pretty much everyone from Novell and SUSE who blogs – even me.

What do you think? It’ll certainly be an interesting additional insight into how Novell operates – and there’s likely to be a lot of non-technology blogging. A useful companion site to Cool Blogs; or not?

Let us know! We’re going to be working next week in our staging lab testing a lot of the new features.

Written at: Draper, UT