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If you are a ZENworks administrator – you have probably seen that we released ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1 in the last few days.

The whole ZENworks team are very proud of this release – it is of high quality, fixes problems reported via Novell Support – and adds some new features to ZENworks 7.

This post will describe how to get ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1 and how to install it. My next post will talk about what’s new in this release – including platform support and software distribution bandwidth management.
This will be a longer post than normal – but there is a lot of useful information that needs to be shared!

Written at: Draper, UT

1 – Where to find ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1

We have made some updates to where ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1 is downloaded – and also how it can be installed.

The Support Pack is available from – you will notice that this is a new set of integrated CD ISO images. The specific link is here:

Documentation for the Support Pack is online at Novell Documentation. The link is here:
There is also a comprehensive Support document – TID 10097368 – describing the Support Pack.

There are FIFTEEN ISO images available for the full ZENworks 7 download. You most likely do not need to download them all. Here is a great document describing what is needed for each components of the ZENworks 7 Suite. This document describes what is on each ISO.

2 – installing ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1

First a note on the Support Pack itself.

You have probably noticed that ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1 is delivered as a new set of product CD images. We have moved away from a non-integrated support pack. The main benefits of this approach are:

  • integrated installation of ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1. Upgrade customers do not need to upgrade to ZENworks 7 then install the Support Pack. You can get the latest and greatest with a single install.
  • interactive upgrade from ZENworks 7 to ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1. You can work through an interactive upgrade, server by server and upgrade components.
  • unattended upgrade using ZENworks Server Management CPKs. These support both the Standalone Package Processor and automated deployment with ZENworks Server Management

There are really three methods of installing the Support Pack – each method really depends on ‘what you have’ and the size of your organisation.

The CPK based upgrade is the most interesting option – it is new with this release. Take a look at the options for installing this with the Standalone Package Processor. For customers using ZENworks Server Management this is another reason to smile – you can now roll out this support pack after hours, with no interaction.