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Novell have talked about ZENworks futures at every BrainShare and customer event for as long as I remember. During 1999 and 2000 I remember being the Product Manager for ZENworks and talking about the up-coming ZENworks for Desktops 3 release – and how that would run on NT 4 server!

The next generation of ZENworks – you may have heard this by it’s internal development name of Brimstone – is much more than an incremental update.

This next release of our Configuration Management product is designed to deliver several key promises:

  1. unify and integrate the product components and architectures
  2. provide a single management console which is web based
  3. unify all backend services to use a single, database repository with a published schema.
  4. utilise a single pluggable agent on the managed client device
  5. allow seamless, yet powerful integration with corporate identity directories – Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory
  6. allow rapid deployment and installation across your enterprise

My next series of posts will drill down into this next generation of ZENworks – and will include screen shots and other information from the latest engineering milestones.

For the record – Novell does not pre-announce shipping dates for products. We are looking to release this product “during 2007″ – BrainShare 2007 will have a lot of information on this major innovation.

Written at: Tel Aviv, Israel

[Edit: Reposted with updates. Original post 28 June 2006]