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Microsoft are renowed for getting ‘usability’ right with their products.

Windows Live Writer is no exception.

Three things I like:

  • 1. Installation is easy.
    • Download, install – then point at this blog url – and it detected I was running WordPress without any problems.
    • No fiddling with the correct url for the XML-RPC side of things. No need to remember that I’m running WordPress. (Remember – this is easy for non-technical people)
  • 2. It looks good.
    • Hey – I can use Textpad, Wordpad, Pico, Joe, VI or just pipe from the shell if I need to. But often it’s a lot easier just to have something that works and works well.
    • It looks a lot like Word – or any other Microsoft Office app.
  • 3. In place preview – with your theme.
    • Oooh – this is a sexy feature. Look at the screen shots.