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I’ve written a little about the Next Generation of ZENworks – it’s time to write some blog posts about what we are planning during 2007.

I planned the structure of this series while visiting customers in Europe; during that tour I was describing our roadmap, strategy and vision – all under Non-Disclosure. My challenge is to share much of that in a public blog, without requiring every one of you to sign a ‘virtual non-disclosure’, and yet keeping the content interesting and useful.

As we move through the remaining months of 2006 and into early 2007 we will be communicating a lot more about our plans for the Next Generation of ZENworks; BrainShare 2007 will naturally be a focal point for announcements.

So here is my rough plan for the next few posts:

  • ZENworks History 101
    • Looking back over the last ten years
    • why has ZENworks been so successful with customers?
    • how did the product evolve?
    • why is there a need for ‘Next Generation’?
  • ZENworks Next Generation Architecture
    • a dive into the architectural components of the Next Generation of ZENworks
    • why is this a good thing for existing customers?
    • why is this a good thing for new customers?
  • Installation and Deployment
    • Zero to Hero – Deploying your first ZENworks server in ten minutes!
    • Adding managed workstations and servers
    • Expanding your ZENworks infrastructure
  • A walk through the ZENworks Control Center
    • Web based management for ZENworks
    • Native integration with your corporate directory
    • Linux and Windows management from a single point
  • How to get there from here
    • Some early notes on migrating to ZENworks Next Generation

I’m sure that questions will drive more posts – but for now that seems to cover a lot!

Written at: M�nchen, Germany