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I’ve been using the Collanos Workplace for a few weeks now – and it’s frustrating and promising at the same time.

The beta is currently at version – so things are moving forward; however there are still fundamental problems with the basic functionality.

I’m seeing that sync of data and workspaces is really hit and miss. I’ve been working with the team at Collanos – and it seems like ‘large object’ sync – i.e. documents – has timeout issues.

There are some additional issues with sharing workspaces; the invitation mechanism is clunky – requiring people to be online; the sync of the workspace suffers from the large object sync above (namespace first, then data perhaps?); the permissions model is a little too simplistic.

On the positive side – the product looks good for a beta. Cross platform support is as touted; Windows, Mac, Linux. The peer-to-peer model (when it works) is great; no data lives on a central server and the sync time is generally “almost instant”. The integration of documents, chat, tasks and notes is a real breakthough.

I’ll post another update in a few weeks; hopefully the sync and invitation issues will be ironed out.