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I wrote about moving my primary mail server to SLES 10 and Netmail 3.5.2 a month ago.

Everything has been working really well – great uptime, better performance, another box moved to SLES 10..

Except for one little thing. Grania has been commenting that some of her email is missing.

Well – it’s not been in the inbound SpamAssassin kill files; it’s not stuck on the mail server; there are no errors with connectivity; no problems with DNS or MX records. The mail has been from all over – so it’s not someone like Yahoo being picky. Also normal mail has been coming in fine – so we’ve not been blackholed.

Tonight I decided to hunt down the problem.

It was me. I missed one step for the migration of mail; to use Netmail rules and forwarding the AutoReply agent needs creating and configuring.

The AutoReply Agent also enables users to forward their messages to another e-mail address. Users can specify if they want to retain a copy of the message in their NetMail mailbox or forward the message to the designated address.

Ooops. I missed that one. Three mouse clicks later and everything is back to normal.

I just trawled the aliases and there were over 400 mails to forward to the real mailboxes.