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I’m in Beijing with Laurence – a friend from work in the UK.

I spent the morning in the local Novell office – great views; mainly of construction:

Construction in Beijing

We were taken out to lunch by the project team from Novell – to a local tofu restuarant. Tofu served in ways I’d never seen it before. Even as a dessert.

This evening we took a taxi to Tiananmen Square – and walked around. It truly is immense. We were accosted by dozens of people selling kites, Mao watches, books of Mao Quotations – and people just wanting to talk and speak English.

Worker's statue at Mao's Mausoleum Worker's statue at Mao's Mausoleum Red Star

We then went wandering, found a restuarant, and using a combination of pointing and my month old mandarin skills – we ordered Peking Duck, rice and beer. I even managed to ask for a receipt and get the taxi driver back to our hotel.