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Most of the visitors to the Novell office here in Beijing are from the US – and get ferried around in a company car with driver.

The first time I was here with Laurence we wanted to stay at the Marriott – a whole 15 minutes away; we got a lot of pressure from the local team to stay at the ‘company approved’ hotel just a 2 minute walk (or a 2 minute drive!) from the office.

This time we just made our own bookings and are staying about 20 minutes from the office; nearer the city center.

We’ve been commuting in on the Beijing subway. That’s an experience.

Bejing subway

Not so much “Mind the Doors” – at every door there is a uniformed subway employee who physically pushes people into the train.

The walk to the office is also interesting – every crossing has a uniformed crossing guard keeping people moving and traffic moving.