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My IMAP patch got included in the latest update to Copfilter.


  • fix: fixes from various copfilter forum users (see the bugs section in the forum or
    CHANGELOG for the details), most important ones are mentioned below
  • fix: fix in cron.daily (it could hang) – thx DaPinky
  • fix: IMAP Buffer increase (it could hang) – thx evilzenscientist
  • fix: deleting a huge amount of mails from the spam quarantine is now possible – thx mdages
  • fix: proxsmtp/tmp could get filled up without removal of old files – thx Alevizos Dimitrios
  • new: ability to sort spam quarantine by columns (ex. by score level) – thx taurus

Nice to see my stuff make it 🙂 Officially “I don’t write code”