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Still using LinkedIn; still watching who is doing what and making educated guesses.

I wrote a while ago about LinkedIn users intent:

Let’s say that you see a connection who has been somewhat dormant in the past few months suddenly start adding connections like crazy and writing and getting recommendations.

Maybe they got organised and started working on their LinkedIn profile; just as likely is they are fishing around for a new role and want to polish up the profile.

I’ve noticed about a 70-80% correlation on this in the last year; profile gets refreshed and updated; a few months later people move on.

The other sure sign is adding a ‘recruiter’, ‘recruitment consultant’ or ‘candidate placement’ person to your profile. Here’s an example (names obscured to protect the innocent):

 I’ve done this myself; I worked closely with a couple of really good recruiters and placement people; nothing came of it; but during the months I worked with them I found them to be exceptional at their role. I linked to them.