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Phew. Finally we shipped ZENworks Configuration Management.

An incredible team effort by the Novell engineering and QA teams – a complete rewrite and integration job from the ground up in just over 18 months. There have been some fantastic individual and team contributions – both early on and in the final few weeks.

It’s been the sole focus of my life for the past six-nine months – it feels like a massive weight has lifted from me.

The last few weeks have been pretty intense – I’ve spend time in the Novell Superlab overnight, testing the product; more time in the Superlab running more tests and competitive tests; endless hours logging bugs, getting fixes and verifying that everything is resolved.

I’ve logged way over 200 bugs against the product in the last nine months (that’s a lot for Product Management) and about twenty showstoppers.

I know the product is a lot better, more customer ready and more ready to be deployed because of this.

I’ve got a backlog of posts that I’m going to start posting.