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New hardware for Jon and Laurence:

>> Now if you’ve got a 2 x dual CPUs, 6Gb ram , gigabit NIC etc.. then  
>> naturally you want an operating system that can make full use of this.  
>> Dell have supplied such a beast  
>> FreeDOS.  

Now we all know that Dell supply FreeDOS to keep the license and bundling police happy.. But what could you run on a new machine that’s less than useful..

Our ideas so far:

NetWare 2.2 with WordStar in the DOS memory
OS/2 Warp
DOS 6.2 with MAME as an arcade emulator
GNU/Hurd for the purists
Digital Research GEM
CP/M-86 with Wordstar and dBase II

So may sad ideas – here’s a list of current alternative OS:

What do you think?