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A long title for a short post.

The default agent deployment packages created during Primary Server installation are hard coded to the Fully Qualified DNS Name and the static IP address of your server. All well and good for a single server; but what about:

  • DNS round robin
  • servers behind static NAT
  • etc

Here’s how to build a custom agent deployment package with either no server details (add them via registration at deployment time) or with a single DNS name.

Inside ZENworks Control Center browse to Deployment and click on Edit Deployment Package:


Select the appropriate architecture and agent choices:


Next remove the pre-populated IP address and host name using Remove:



Next add in your DNS name:


Add a registration key if needed:


Name the agent package. Note that overwriting the default will cause this to be used during agent push deployment.


And you are done.


Push the agent to machines if saved as default or pull it down manually or during a deployment task.