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ZENworks imaging can use the Preboot eXecution Environment – PXE – to start it’s imaging engine.

When the imaging server components (TFTP server, Imaging engine, Proxy DHCP) are running on the same server as the DHCP server there are certain configuration changes that need to be made.

Read the ZCM10 documentation for more.

Three steps to happiness – I’ll document this for Windows; SLES is broadly similar.

– set the Proxy DHCP to run correctly
– set Proxy DHCP to start automatically
– add DHCP option tag 60 to the DHCP scope

Setting Proxy DHCP to co-exist with the local DHCP server

Edit %ZENWORKS_HOME%confprebootnovell-proxydhcp.conf

Change the line: LocalDHCPFlag to

LocalDHCPFlag = 1


Setting Proxy DHCP service to start automatically.

From the Services Control Panel:



Click on Start:


From the command line:

sc config “novell proxy dhcp service” start= auto
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

net start “novell proxy dhcp service”
The Novell Proxy DHCP Service is starting.
The Novell Proxy DHCP Service started successfully.

Adding DHCP option tag 60

From the command line:

dhcp server
add optiondef 60 ClassID STRING 0 PXEClient

Next add the new option to the scope; either per scope or globally for the server:



Now you should be set. Test PXE booting from a client machine – and you should be happy.

As a bonus – on multi-NIC or multi-homed machines – you do need to specify the listening IP address in the configuration files for the Preboot services.