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(Not a rant; I’ve not had the Kool Aid or the Lobotomy yet..)

Really only of interest to US readers – those in Europe probably have no idea of the context here.

My 16 month old boy needed tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes or ear grommets) to drain off fluid from a recurring ear infection. A five minute procedure – but it does involve day surgery and a general anesthetic.

My previous health care benefits were excellent – friends in Utah kept telling us we had incredible insurance – with good coverage, choice and a reasonable deductible and co-pay. Even so we estimated that we would end up being around $750 out of pocket for the ear tubes.

Microsoft Health care is fully funded. No deduction from my pay; no co-pay; no deductible. Incredible.

Before I joined Microsoft everyone I knew who had joined raved about the benefits. Now I know it’s true.

Take a look at this: – especially the first video on Microsoft Perks.