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Wow. My experience of being “Zero Day Stopped”.

Suddenly at 7pm Utah time everything stopped working. GroupWise, IM, Bugzilla, Innerweb – everything.

I’m now set adrift in the world of no BlackBerry, no email, no IM, no Bugzilla, no testing..

It’s refreshing – but very, very strange.

Apologies to everyone who has been Zero Day Stopped in a less planned way.

My last day at Novell was quite civilised.

I went into the office; dropped off a ton of confidential materials for shredding, dropped off my hardware (laptop, hefty ESX server), wandered around saying goodbye, did my exit interview with HR, went for lunch with my good friend Father Fowles, went back into the office to say goodbye to a few more engineers, handed in my badge, went home.

[Update: My Novell ID is now lost down the memory hole.]

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