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This weekends move plan:

  • park the DNS for the domains
  • finish the email hosting moves (move mail, redirect MX)
  • start decommissioning servers for move
  • reconfigure wireless for interim access

Totally shot because covads customer systems are offline between Friday night and Sunday night. No notification at all.

I’ve now got to reschedule during Monday when everything comes back online.

I called the 24x7x365 support and spent 30 minutes trying to talk to somone who could help. Turns out it’s an outsourced service in the Phillipines; the outsourcer has zero idea of current issues and can only log tickets.

I’ve escalated this within Covad; two issues:

  • where was the notification of outage
  • why don’t the 24x7x265 support have the ability to answer within 30 seconds that there is planned outage (it took 30 minutes to find this out)

The notification is the important part – I chose Covad because they had (at the time) stunning support; when I’ve called from Chicago, London and Sydney before about issues the person answering was intelligent and technically able to talk about DNS, ICMP quench issues or the like.