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I finally moved the mail service to Google Apps.

I looked long and hard; and even thought about moving the mail to a hosted environment for a few months.

Finally I tested out the google hosted email service – and it looks pretty good.

On the positives:

  • fully hosted, in the cloud service
  • backup, restore and availability are all looked after
  • anti-virus is included
  • anti-spam is fantastic
  • web mail, POP and IMAP services
  • 6GB ++ per user
  • it’s FREE!

The only downsides are around:

  • questions about privacy
  • no SLA on the free service

At the end of the day this frees up two servers running multiple services; and saves me the backup and availability headaches.

  • IPCop with Copfilter
  • Spam Assassi
  • Clam AV
  • eDirectory/Novell NetMail
  • It should also give family a better experience (webmail/POP to a google datacenter rather than to my server) and give me more bandwidth to play with.