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Gallery is undergoing a major revision.

Gallery v3 is in beta right now – I expect it will be RC then released by the end of the year.

Couple of things to look at here on the migration from Gallery 2:

  • migration of hundreds of thousands of photos from G2 to G3
  • permissions
  • post-migration clean-up
  • storage and CPU churn
  • big one – there is no plugin for WordPress right now – and the WPG2 plugin is no longer maintained with no plans for upgrade.
  • The other set of updates is around WordPress itself.

    Three interesting updates – first WordPress 2.9 is going to go beta soon; release in maybe December. That’s going to need some poking and investigating. I’ve already found a couple of changes in alpha that break some plugins.

    The other WordPress change that I’m going to look at is the merge of WordPress MU into WordPress core; also the new features of BuddyPress on top of WordPress (MU or core).

    The BuddyPress/WPMU will let me offer multiple blogs to Rachael’s cubs and other leaders.