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WordPress 2.9 beta 1 hits the streets today.

Looks pretty nifty – and everything seems to work ok so far.

From Mark Jaquith:
Big features to test:
• Basic image editing (rotate, flip, resize, crop)
• Post/Page image thumbnails. Enable the admin UI by declaring support
in your theme: add_theme_support(‘post-thumbnails’);
• Trash, with undo functionality, for posts, pages, comments
• Comment Meta table and functions — like Custom Fields/postmeta but
for comments
• Easy media embeds, oEmbed — paste a URL on its own item and have it
turn into embed code
• register_theme_directory() which enables plugins to bundle their own
themes, without copying (BuddyPress, primary example)
• Combo upgrader — get notified of plugin updates in the WP core
upgrader, as well as being informed of crowd-sourced compatibility
information for the plugins.
It’s bug-fixing and polishing time! Our priorities should be, in this order:
1. Fixing regressions in old features/behaviors
2. Squashing bugs in the new features
3. Polish