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It’s been a good six months since the last LEGO robotics club at school – I should blog on what we did in that session.

This term it’s time to start up LEGO robotics again; we’ve limited the pre-school class to 4th and 5th grade – so we should have a pretty reasonable level of logic and construction skills.

I’m writing up the rules and the playbook for this session. We’re going to focus on three areas – similar plan to previous sessions:

– construction: gears, gear ratios and torque

– software: planning, prototyping, iterative troubleshooting

– project: communication, team work, documentation

The requirement is going to be:

Build a robot that can pull the largest mass on the sledge provided. A successful ‘pull’ will be over 50cm (20 inches)

Using the same robot chassis (you can change wheels and gears – but not rebuild the robot) cover a long, straight race course (~5m/~15 feet)in the shortest time.

Produce a display board for your project showing your design, thoughts, diagrams, photos and program.